Happy Horse Organics Therapy Oil – 1 oz.



A Little Goes Quite A Long Way With Happy Horse Organic Joint/Ligament/Muscle/Tendon Therapy Oil!

While we won’t make promises or miraculous claims, medically or otherwise about our organics, we have found this proprietary blend of 100% organic therapeutic essential oils to work superbly on humans and horses based on 6+ years of experimenting with and tweaking this formula! While this blend also works great for more routine uses, such as strained or sore muscles, for pre and post-workouts, after chiropractic, massage or other type of physical therapy sessions, we found it really shined and proved its benefit and worth in significantly reducing inflammation on more serious ligament, muscle and tendon injuries for both horse and rider in adition to increased circulation, which is essential for proper healing, along with significant additional positive benefits. We can enthusiastically say from personal experience and a near-death tragedy, that our severly injured horse responded super positive and benefited greatly from use of this proprietary gel and oil – and he still does today!

This product consists of top quality, pure, 100% organic (and authentic) essential oils that have demonstrated positive therapeutic benefits, many for hundreds of years! While there are many similar products on the market today for horses and us humans, we found that so many of them either contain unnecessary, unwanted ingredients and preservatives, which have not met our needs or our horses needs, and that they do not offer the desired and needed results. Yes, some cost less – and the results were far less, if anything at all. Lord knows, we’ve tried most of them.

Necessity is the “mother-of-invention,” as they say – and this is how and why we created our very own formula that has offered excellent results. This allows us to maintain better quality control on the types and blend of ingredients used. And like many others in the world today, we’ve been unable to afford more expensive modes of treatment so we had to come up with own solutions that work!  

Both the gel and oil are prepared in small, custom batches to ensure the best potency and freshness possible. Genuine Dark Amber GLASS jars and bottles are used to best preserve the gel and oil.

Essential oils contained in the gel and oil formulas are:

  • Pure, organic Arnica Montana
  • Pure organic Frankincense (a/k/a/ Boswellia Serrata)
  • Pure, organic German Blue Chamomile
  • Pure, organic Ginger
  • Pure, organic Helicrysum
  • Pure, organic (Wild) Rosemary
  • Pure, organic Rosehip Seed Oil (bottled oil formula)
  • Pure, organic Aloe Gel (jarred gel formula)

Be sure to read our Organics-FAQ Page  that provides in-depth details about the 100% organic ingredients in this formula and more! 

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